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Marshawn Denny

My focus as a trainer/coach is to help kids THINK basketball. I question every move they make to help them to start thinking about the things they do before they do it. I have learned through experience that this is also one of life's most valuable lessons. In addition to building stronger mental athletes, I focus on effort and energy. There are different levels of skills and talent but one of the greatest neutralizers in sports is effort.  

 I have been afforded an opportunity to coach and work with kids and I am so thankful for those experiences. I believe that some of the best people I have encountered or come across I have met through sports. When we fully tap into our fullest potential I know that we are capable of achieving goals beyond our wildest dreams, but I acknowledge it requires dedication and effort. On the pathway to greatness no one will OUTWORK US!

Executive Director

Erica Cray

I’ve been playing basketball for as long as I can remember. In my youth, basketball was an outlet used to escape the daily pressures of life.  Just a ball and a hoop gives me the peace of mind I need  to keep pushing through the ups and downs of today’s societal issues.  I was never the best growing up, but I always had the drive and tenacity to be the best version of myself. I knew,  all I had to do was OUTWORK the next person. This is the motto of my life.

Basketball has offered many learning curves and opportunities. It has taught me leadership, responsibility, and most importantly, teamwork.  I want to be the coach who inspires their athletes to want to be a humble person first, and a great basketball player second. I hope to encourage confidence and  patience because the road to success is bumpy, and they need to know it’s okay to mess up and try again. If we never have errors in anything, we will never have an opportunity to fix them or improve.

Director of Basketball Operations

Kandice Smith

Since the age of 6, when my interest in basketball was sparked to now, that fire is still lit. I've played the game, officiated the game and coached the game, yet my passion and interest is intensified with each and every experience. Basketball gave me a voice, and has allowed me to apply concepts and teaching the game to my everyday life. That is the goal for every young girl I'm able to coach. To allow basketball to take you beyond the court, to empower and to enter into the real word as a powerful young woman, who contributes to society positively. Through hard work, good character, and determination you OUTWORK the next girl up! 

High School Girls Elite

Kimberly Robinson

Basketball has always been more than just a sport to me. I’ve always been an active person, but basketball lit the fire inside me. It is my passion.

I used it as an outlet and a mentor. As a student of the game, I learned discipline, confidence, teamwork, drive, consistency, perseverance and patience. 

Everything I took from basketball has helped to mold me into the woman I am today.


I’m blessed with the opportunity to coach yet again on this level. My goal is to aspire to inspire our youth with many of the qualities that I’ve been 

taught and learned through the sport of basketball. I stress progression, not perfection, but we will strive for success through effort, hard work, and


High School Girls Coach

Ashley Brown

Basketball is LIFE. The first time I picked up a ball it felt automatic and from there I taught myself how to be to be great and beat the boys in the neighborhood. I found basketball to be something in life that presented many opportunities to move forward in life. I learned how to build my own confidence, I learn what hard work and the formula to OUTWORK the next, I learned that no matter how good you are that there is always someone like you trying to beat so therefore it taught me how to stay on my ‘A’game on and off the court as far as staying out of trouble, keeping up the grades and presenting myself as a leader to my coaches, teammates and peers.

I love this game and to be able to develop young athletes in Austin and surrounding areas has been my main goal since leaving the basketball stage. As a veteran I learned how important discipline and paying attention to detail are key aspects everyone should utilize in all areas a of life. As a mother I have learned the patience with being able to be more hands on and specific to their individual needs. I am looking forward to leading the youth on and off the court. I wholeheartedly believe that KIDS ARE THE ANSWER but they can’t reach that full potential without having the character, work ethic or confidence to unlock it! Being able to coach kids opens that door for me to help!

HS Select Coach

Jacob Rodriguez

I started playing basketball at the age of 3. Once I picked up the rock, it was love at first sight. I studied the game and lots of great players. Fundamentals are huge and teamwork also communication. With my passion for the game and my will to coach, these kid is a blessing. Something I love (Basketball) nothing is better than doing something you enjoy. Basketball is what I breathe. Day in day out. I’m dedicated to the kids and showing them the right path. Basketball always helped me on the court as well as off.


I have a great family supporting me with my wife Starr, daughter Alliyah and soon to be son Jordan. 


I’ve played AAU since a young age and I know exactly what it takes to take the kids to the next level. Hard work dedication, trust.


Outwork isn’t just a name. It’s a way of life. And I’m all for it.

Hoop dreams are real. 

And I’m here to try and make that a reality. 

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Mayokia Fowler

Growing up, basketball was my first love. Today, coaching girls basketball is my passion and helping young ladies achieve success on the court and in life is my purpose. I have been fortunate to compete athletically and win at a high level and my goal is to not only teach young ladies how to win in the game of basketball but also provide tools to win in life beyond basketball. On and off the court I stress the importance of preparation (because nothing happens by accident!), and focus heavily on academics, self-confidence, personal development, integrity, accountability, professionalism, and teamwork. I want my players to know that they can be great at whatever their passion is and we at Outwork are invested in their success.


As background, I am a mother, wife, business leader, and community advocate. I am a graduate of Columbia University in the Ivy League and while in college I captained the Varsity Women's Track & Field team. In high school I was an All-State basketball player in Texas. I continue to lead an active lifestyle, teaching sports to my daughters and participating in road races and "pick up" basketball games around Austin.

MS Girls Select Coach

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